Nowhere Near Here

dude, this video by pahnl whatnow is SO GOOD. the song rocks and the animation is adorable and painfully labor intensive. be sure to read artist's statement below as well.

Nowhere Near Here from Pahnl Whatnow on Vimeo.

'Nowhere Near Here' is a stop motion animation that uses a combination of light with stencils and long exposure photography to tell the story of a dog running around the city at night, doing whatever a dog does. The animation was first exhibited at the The Herbert, in Coventry, on the 7th October 2010.

With well over 300 hours in the making, more than 200 stencils involved and too many cold nights spent outside on my knees getting the shots, I am very happy (and relieved) to finally share this with you. Through the course of shooting 'Nowhere Near Here', I have dealt with curious drunks, a dog almost peeing on the camera (the irony is not lost on me, haha), the endlessly suspicious police and even someone nearly running off with a tripod.

This is street art, this is life and thank you for watching.

...for those of you that may be interested in prints, a selection of film stills from 'Nowhere Near Here' are currently available at

Sing It, Sister



30 Celebrities (if they were fat)

a few years ago there was a site called "planet hiltron" and it took photos of celebs and made them fat. the site has since died but the novelty still lives on. manofest highlighted some of those old photos along with some fresh blood.

also, now we know making justin bieber fat officially turns him into rosie o'donnell.

Never Say No To Panda

thanks to craig for this one


What The Fuck Should I Make For Dinner?

thanks to jenny clock for passing this one on. click here and let the internets decide what you should make for fucking dinner every night. and if you don't like the suggestion, there's an "i don't fucking like that" option to choose as well.



Teenage Dogs Now Available In Snack Packs

aaaaaand we can thank mr. luke dosiek for this one. words literally can't describe the utter nonsense that awaits you. click the link and donate just a few more dead brain cells to the black hole of wasted time that is the internet.


(ps - eagle uses sailboat to show latest will smith movies to sea creatures was another personal fave of mine)


Canadian Money Art

check out this dude's flickr stream!! he illustrates on canadian bills and transforms the portraits into awesome iconic characters.


Wishery - Snow White Remix

someone just showed me this tonight. super awesome. WATCH.



the longer i work for adidas the more i find myself becoming a sneaker head on top of already being your average run of the mill shoe whore. that said, today is momentous as it marks the day i've become the proud owner of not one, but two pairs of adi roundhouse mids. just scored the indigo/orange ones today and they're going to become besties with the grey/aqua ones i already own. the only shitty part about these shoes is that hip-hop moves are not included in the box... 

SNL: Mom's On Facebook

this was actually kinda funny...

Bunny Friday!!

oh man, it's been a busy week which explains my lack of consistent posting. sorry kiddies but i promise i'll make it up to you this weekend. appropriately enough, this bun pretty much sums up what i'm going to be doing to de-stress from this week.


OK, One More Muppet Post...

this is actually shopped and not a muppets original. although the use of red and mokey fraggle as ann-margret and sophia loren is brilliant.

Young Henson

as long as we're talking muppets, here's a pic of henson with his original kermit and crew!!


DUDE! gonzo journalism!! brilliant.


Sarah Palin's Alaska

oh my lovelies out there in the blog-o-nets... for those of you who haven't had the pleasure of experiencing this little gem of what's to come, allow me to help. sarah palin and the down to earth wholesome folks over at TLC have decided to treat us to what could be the most spectacular show in the history of forever and the universe (which goes back, what, about 5000 years, right??). get ready to marvel at the beauty of alaska and fall in love with your country all over again as alaska's sexiest milf fires off a barrage of simple minded altruisms. if you feel like sacrificing a few unneeded brain cells (you've got billions, you can do it) head on over and experience the 30 second tv spot that is so brilliant it jettisons itself out of the world of commercial advertisement and into the stratosphere of fine art because of it's blatant and forthright self awareness. for those who don't wish to experience the spot in all its glory, or for those who simply want to cherish every last word so they can hang onto it reflect upon it forever and ever, i bring you, verbatim, the' unedited final script:

Narrator: Sarah, you ready?!
Sarah: Oh Gawsh!!
(inspiring montage)
Sarah: We are somewhere that, ughhhhh, people dream about!
(inspiring montage)
Sarah: Family comes first. It's just gotta be that way.
(inspiring montage)
Sarah: This is flippin' fun!!
(inspiring montage)
Sarah: How come we can't ever just be satisfied with tranquility?!
(inspiring montage)
Sarah: I'd rather be doin this than sittin' in some stuffy old political office!
(inspiring montage)
Sarah: I'd rather be out here bein' free
End scene. Allow tear of pride to escape and gently slide down cheek.

golly gee, sarah... why CAN'T we ever just be satisfied with tranquility?!?!


Giant Flamingo Flamingo

i really want to believe this is real and not photoshopped. it looks pretty legit. click on it to make it bigger and experience the giant flamingo made of flamingos!!!!

Tim Burton's Madonna

umm, yeah. madonna actually is the mad hatter (and to a lesser extent, johnny depp)

This Cake is Da BOMB!!

first off, this is an image pulled from a post on the epically named blog dinosaurs and robots. obviously it's an old school photo from life magazine and it's documenting US navy vice admiral william blandy cutting a mushroom cloud cake at a reception for operation crossroads back in nov of '46.

Bunny Friday!!



Ole Blue Eyes

every day i drive home from work i pass by a billboard with this image of bret michaels' smoldering gaze piercing into my soul. do you get it?! HE HAS BLUE EYES PEOPLE!!!!

Slack Power!!

You're Gonna Need It...


I shit you not...

this is a real movie and it's not a porn

Tea Anyone?

WTF of the Day

apparently this picture actually exists

Lazer Wench

today's creation...


ok, i get that this all leather 35th anniversary outback vest from penfield is like $354,987,628 but HOLY SHIT hott


this ad from french apparel brand kana beach



this blog post. it's from emo + beer = busted career and it was posted with the header:

ESPN - you got to be kidding us

Killer Bunny (Friday)

bonus bunny friday post inspired by lakin


found this today and almost peed my pants.

Awesome Engrish Shirt Double Fake Out!!

i normally wouldn't post anything engrish but this one came off of a japanese t-shirt site that i'm convinced is an intentional stab at engrish. every other shirt was totally normal (for japanese standards anyways) and then BAMM!!! this wild card is just thrown into the mix.  kudos japan. you truly are smarter than everyone else.

Animated Albums

unfortunately i'm not super tech savvy enough to figure out how to link to these gifs but trust me when i say this is a cool site and you should visit it. it's called animated albums and it's a rad tumblr that does exactly what the name implies. check it out!!

Bunny Friday!!



Jules Verne Cover Art

really awesome book jackets by student jim tierney. super beautiful and creative.

Jules Verne cover designs by Jim Tierney from Jim Tierney on Vimeo.


this ad for swedish hasbeens. check out their inspirations page for some more fun imagery

I No Heart NY

after talking with chris recently about the poverty he's experiencing in nyc, thought this shirt was rather appropriate for all those in the area

Duel Savings Bank

love the concept behind this! can be purchased here.


Tales From Halloween: Disney Tranny Edition

ok, i know these are on fb but i couldn't NOT put them on here. for those who don't know, i went out as aladdin for halloween. as if that wasn't awesome enough in and of itself, while we were out we came across an entire entourage of disney princess trannies!!!! cast of characters included belle, pocahontas, snow white, mulan, ariel, jasmine, and alice (although alice was the only non-tranny). my betrothed is after the jump along with a few more shots. and yes, i am hammered in every picture.

Hello Kitty x Nerdcore

holy shit!! hello kitty went all nerdcore!! there's even an adidas one!!

Can't... Breath.... Help....


A Love Poem

boy in hat and fluffy scarf
i know that you are just a baby
have you even hit puberty?
but i love you all the same
let us start a life together
and dress in hats and scarfs all day

So Cute


this shirt!!!!!!!!!!!


2nd GIF I've Ever Created:

And This Year's Best Halloween Costume Was...

Jersey Shore: The Early Years

Just Be Ugly For Us...

"haha, omg, i'm so beautiful!! my life is perfect!!! lolz!!!!1111"

granted this is totally random that i'm posting this today but what about this blog isn't my lovelies?? the matter of this subject has been gnawing at me ever since i used ole' blakey-boy blue eyes up there to reference how i want my hair to look (and yes, he does have blue eyes because god hates us all just that much more). for those who don't know, the above is of course a picture of toms shoes tycoon blake mycoskie and he is pretty much better than you in every aspect of life imaginable from aforementioned perfect hair to literally changing the world one shoe at a time. now, i have no problem with what he does for a living or his philanthropic ways or his comfy little shoes that i totally own. what i have a problem with, my lovelies, is the fact that he's just too damn pretty to boot. and i refuse to use the word "hott" as it would only make him stronger.

"i totes just adopted like 23 kids this afternoon because i can!! omfg zo cuute xOxo!!111"

how is it at all fair that this guy comes up with one of the most innovative and goodwilled business plans in recent history for the shoe industry and becomes wildly successful because of it AND gets to look like apollo the grecian god of light?!?! if he really cared about humanity... and i mean REALLY cared... he'd totally stop bathing, get a really shitty haircut, grow a unibrow, lose a front tooth or two and maybe staple a dead animal paw to his left eye. then, THEN, could we truly appreciate what he's done for us and the rest of the world. OR he could hire me on as a new designer. either option really.

1010 Project

so i found this photo (and obvi thought it to be awesome) and when i started to investigate its origins a tiny little gem presented itself. this is actually part of a collaborative project called the "1010 project." described as:

10 photographers. 10 photos each. All taken on 10/10/10.

A single day represented in 100 photographs.

No special occasion, no big event, just the essence of daily life captured through ten lenses.

The 1010 project was devised as an antidote to everything in modern life always having to be bigger, better, louder and brighter than what’s been before.

It’s an opportunity to slow down and appreciate the simple, everyday things that make life beautiful.

The rest of the photography isn't particularly funny or quirky as the above, but it's still 100% worth checking out as it is all quite lovely. Enjoy!!

1010 project