1010 Project

so i found this photo (and obvi thought it to be awesome) and when i started to investigate its origins a tiny little gem presented itself. this is actually part of a collaborative project called the "1010 project." described as:

10 photographers. 10 photos each. All taken on 10/10/10.

A single day represented in 100 photographs.

No special occasion, no big event, just the essence of daily life captured through ten lenses.

The 1010 project was devised as an antidote to everything in modern life always having to be bigger, better, louder and brighter than what’s been before.

It’s an opportunity to slow down and appreciate the simple, everyday things that make life beautiful.

The rest of the photography isn't particularly funny or quirky as the above, but it's still 100% worth checking out as it is all quite lovely. Enjoy!!

1010 project 

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