Caught Dead In That

and here we have another halloween spirited post! someone from work sent this tumblr around this morning. worth checking out to "kill" a moment or too... har har har!!! it's tombstones that people are now caught dead in whether they like it or not. url is http://caughtdeadinthat.tumblr.com/

Bunny Friday: Halloween Edition!!

this post really needs no explanation other than "HAPPY BUN-OWEEN!!!!!!"


Aggressive Art Instruction


Halloween Aminals!!

here we have it!!! i HAD to do this post... it wasn't even a question. i did a little digging and tried to find some aminals in costumes that i hadn't seen before. hopefully some of these are new for you too!! WOOK AT THE WITTLE BUMBLEBEE!!! more aminals after the jump (i've put captions under the ones that might be a little ambiguous).


Chester: The Amazing Peeing Dog!!

you go chester!!


i've been meaning to upload pics from my hawaiian adventure and just haven't gotten around to it. here's a few selects to fill that void. if i ever get around to uploading more i'll be sure to let you know ;)

One Hello World

here's one that's interesting and beautiful and haunting and inspiring all at once. i have no idea who this person is so let's just assign him a gender for want of a pronoun but he's created a musical blog of sorts where people leave him an anonymous voicemail on his phone which he then takes and puts to music he composes. people talk about anything and everything from going through rehab, to having a stranger unexpectedly pay for gas, to coming out. the fragility of some of the messages is almost unbearable after they've been married to their soundtrack. and if you have something to say, call him up and maybe you'll be one of the lucky few!!

Today's Obsession

ok, it's actually not funny how hopelessly obsessed i am with janelle monae right now and her new album the archandroid. it's so hard to find a cd that you can listen to in it's entirety on the first pass and want to inject every single track directly into your veins. the songs off the album are relentless and so is she. crank the sound and check out "cold war" below and then go and buy now!!



these we-wood watches

Tumblr Tuesday!!

Tumblr Tuesday!!

Tumblr Tuesday!!

Tumblr Tuesday!!

Tumblr Tuesday!!

Tumblr Tuesday!!

so i have a bunch of pics i've had saved on my desktop and figured i'd just post them today. i wish i knew how to code this shit b/c i'd make my blog seamlessly transition between blog and tumblr format if i could... ANYWAYS on with the tumbling


Top 60 Ghetto Black Names

thanks to mairwen for putting me on to this one. commence hilarity:



WARNING: This Image Will Make You Gay

pretty much the singular most spectacular frame from any disney movie ever


Little People

this has been around for awhile but thought i'd share anyways. it's a london street art project called "little people" and it's super fun. a few more after the jump or just check out the blog here.

Iron Man Jr.

earlier i brought you mini asian voltron girl. today we have mini asian tony stark. equally as bad ass, obvi. love how his hands are even out in iron man flight position.


this girl. from the sartorialist



found this on geekologie today and all i can say is you NEED to watch it. the city of prague commissioned an animated light show to be projected on top of the old town square astrological clock in honor of it's 600th anniversary and the result is crazy cool. the video is over 9 mins long and you can skip around if you want but if you have a sec, you should really watch the whole damn thing... the special effects are FANTASTIC.

The 600 Years from the macula on Vimeo.

Chicken McNuggets: Genesis

sorry if you've already seen this but for those who haven't, this is for reals what mcnuggets look like before they are mcnuggified. pink chicken soft serve anyone??


this wooden sculpture from brazilian designer diego morales


OMG AMY SEDARIS IS COMING OUT WITH A NEW BOOK!!! entitled "simple times: crafts for poor people" i found out about it yesterday along with it's nov. 2 release date. i have GOT to get my hands on both this and her previous  "i like you: hospitality under the influence." she makes me so happy just looking at her!!! LOVE YOU AMY.


today marks the start of another new category of posts. WANT! posts will be things that i find that i must own or else i will be unhappy and hollow inside. now i know it's kinda trashy to do this but i'm starting off with product that's an adi/burton collab. judge all you want but FUCK i want to own that shirt jacket with those vulc boots. be warned b/c if you live near the BTV burton flagship store, you might be getting a call from me in the near future... check out the rest of the collection over at hypebeast here.

Bunny Friday!!

TGIB EVERYBODY!! today's buntacular posts are all about buns enjoying the season. look at how cute they are with their wittle noses in the leaves!!


Orbit Dirty Shorts

need a jason bateman and/or will arnett fix?? orbit gum has just started some "long form ads" on youtube and the results bring hilarity to your internets. the orbit "cootie queen/lint licker" spot is, by far, my most favoritest commercial of all time so i was kinda stoked when i heard they decided to team up with bateman and arnett for more dirtiness. from what i know, this is a series but for now you can watch "the dancer" and "the prom date." the dancer is below and search "orbit dirty shorts prom date" for the other one.

More Awkward Vintage

so i went a little crazy on ffound this morning and scavenged a bunch of awkward vintage photos that people had posted. the imagination runs wild with the original intent behind these beautiful little gems. in no particular order:

30 Dumb Inventions

here's one from life's website. it's a collection of vintage pics depicting dumbass inventions. above is the parent friendly "baby slingshot catapult." nope, wait, sorry. it's a baby carrier so mom and dad can go ice skating together... MUCH better idea. way safer too. check them all out HERE!!



this installation made of used off-cuts from frames entitled "framed" by stuart haygarth

More Snail Mail Options...

how awesome are these!! once sent, recipients can open these "post cardens" and cultivate some greenery wherevs. i kinda hate the cover image on this one but the popped up version is cool. check out the rest of the designs (both covers and interiors) over at their website.

For Something a Bit More Old School...

here's something that will save your head from imploding whilst exposed to new tech fads. evocative of simpler times, telegram stop is a company that allows you to send messages the old fashioned way. tho certainly not cost effective, the novelty of it to relay personal news is kinda cool (as well as a big middle finger to what could be done in a tweet).

3D Loathing...

here's a quick summary of the world of 3D at the moment:

i've been REALLY good about not posting any hatred towards the current technological filth known as "3D" but i was reading an article today about "fashion" 3D glasses that are going to hit the market and i couldn't take it anymore. Said glasses will be produced by the dumb-tasticly named company XpanD and will be marketed solely to morons and people who have decided cocaine is no longer an effective means of wasting one's money. amidst the other ridiculousness up there is a new fujifilm 3D camera (just think: now facebook birth announcements and accompanying pics will be EXTREME!!!) and of course this past weekend's box office dominator jackass 3D which, tell me again, why did that need to be in 3D?? the only thing up there that's not gimmicky or trying to be something it's not is the big steaming pile of shit...


Hulk Smash!!! : Bear Edition!

so i'm reading cinematical at the moment and it seems as tho disney/ABC is in the development stages for a hulk tv series as a result of the recent marvel absorption... in addition to this news, i was treated to the following video which could be, unequivocally, the most ball-shatteringly awesome fight scene the hulk was ever thrown up against. enjoy :)

Harry Potter x Hipsters

just what would harry potter, hermione granger and ron weasley look like as fixie riding urbanites?? a la ~MARiKaArt on deviant art

Blockhead's "The Music Scene"

thanks to dan for this one! song title is rather appropriate too on the inaugural day of monday music... as for the video (which is what's actually prompting me to post this) bit of an acid trip but who the fuck cares when it's grade A animation.

"The Music Scene" from Anthony Francisco Schepperd on Vimeo.

Monday Music!!

i'm playing with the idea of maybe starting a "monday music" post from now on just to help jumpstart the weeks. we'll see how diligent i am at keeping up on this one but let's give it a go anyways, shall we?? as for how or why i chose the songs, well, that will just be left up to me depending on whichever way the wind is blowing. seeing as i maintain the blog that seems logical enough...

that said, i got my grubby little hands on the little miss sunshine soundtrack this weekend so figured the following was an appropriate choice. although when i searched for it, i found someone had edited to scenes from everything is illuminated which is an equally as fantastic movie sooooo big win all around!!


New Gap Logo... J/K!!! OMGLOL!!!

for those who have missed this over the past few days (like me...) this one's kinda funny. gap unveiled a new logo a few days ago and if you blinked you may have actually missed it. the website will show no signs of this little snafu that made news on cnn as well as internet meme status. if you have a sec, read a quick synopsis of the corporate back-pedaling melodrama over at "brand new"  (links to articles are below in chronological order). score one, yet again, for the internet...

Don't Mind the Gap, or the Square

Follow-up: Gapgate

Follow-up: Gap, Undo


here's a really awesome animation by artist cyriak that's basically just a bunch of looped animations all created in after effect. my favorite are the giant AT-AT teddy bears that start appearing about half way through...! enjoy!

Bunny Friday!!

this makes me laugh everytime i watch it. thanks to jenny clock for the forward!!


Classic Comics

as promised, we're back to normal daily posts :) i've had these little beauties on my desktop forevs and have totally forgotten where i downloaded them from originally (a thousand apologies to the original discoverer of these little gems). they are priceless excerpts from vintage comics made even more priceless taken out of context. dive in!!


Around Amsterdam

whilst in amsterdam, i took precisely 895,342 pictures of canals...

i shall spare you...

instead, allow me to share this collection of around the town pics with unintentional canals in the frame (where applicable). shopping pictures first, then the touristy ones follow. enjoy!

Fun with Photoshop Lomography... and bikes

i took a series of bike pics in amsterdam but since i don't have a super professional camera, i decided to add some cheap tricks in photoshop in order to give them some life (i also decided it's finally time to invest in a really nice camera... or at least ask for one for christmas... mom... dad... you do read this blog, right??) the results are just on the opposite side of this here jump!


took these pics in amsterdam and realized i could make something epileptic out of them.

Back in Action!! to the EXTREME!!!!!

HELLOOOOOO MY LONG LOST LOVES!!!!!! where have i been?!?!?! why have i snuck out on you in the middle of the night without so much as a note or at least a single rose to prove to you it meant something?!?! well, my darlings, all of my traveling has made my blogging utterly sub par and i hang my head low and ashamed. at first i was in hawaii, then off to germany, on to amsterdam, and finally the oregon coast. i'm exhausted and unfortunately all of that on-the-go has prevented me from keeping in touch with all of you... 

oh who am i kidding... i cannot lie to you!!! following coffeeshop extreme in amsterdam, it was all over for me... i forgot who i was after having woken up in the red light district only to realize i owed a very large black woman named Doortje a sizeable sum of money... ahh, the humiliation... also, i was pantless. 

but fear not!! i'm alive and well and back in action and ready to blog the shit out of this thing... to the EXTREME!!!



first off, can i just comment on how wonderful blogger's new "multiple picture upload" option is now?? SO nice...

ANYWAYS, it's friday and you know what that means!! i went out last night and was a little dead trying to wake up this morning so today i bring you coffee and buns! check out another one from LOLZ after the jump.