Around Amsterdam

whilst in amsterdam, i took precisely 895,342 pictures of canals...

i shall spare you...

instead, allow me to share this collection of around the town pics with unintentional canals in the frame (where applicable). shopping pictures first, then the touristy ones follow. enjoy!

i'm showing this one first b/c it explains how i got through the day. 
it's all very appropriate...

really awesome metal signage sculpture. 
the store was called jojo.

fun store display

this was a really cute outfit and i'm super annoyed the pic came out blurry

fun with colors and collage!

time space paradox

pretty colors

not a lot of street art but i did take what i could get

more street art

(this was the best part of the above mural with the little flying superman kid midget sticker)

last decent mural i found

LOVED the colors in this store display

super rad shoe detail

cute notebook cover

how cute is the entryway to this houseboat?!

another fun houseboat

mama guiness and baby guinness

this was cool. 
shrunken people playing chess.

i've heard about these urinals with the little print of the fly so that it gives you something to pee on and got so excited when i saw it i had to take a picture!!
sadly, it did not go over so well with the guy peeing next to me...

this was, legit, the best fucking toy store i've ever been to... ever.

i want to be him

so yeah, took this picture not because of the architecture, but rather the gang of drunken teens sitting on the roof as seen through the tree...

awesome building

this was, as far as i could surmise, a gay burlesque masquerade ball...
in broad daylight.
i suppose what else is there to do on a sunday afternoon?

PS - so much crooked architecture

YEAH!!! we don't need your rules!!!

soooo many bikes...

i pooped my pants a little the first time i saw honest to god swans in the honest to god canals

pretty boat

i hate them because their life is perfect

and finally, i leave you with a dick joke:

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