More Awkward Vintage

so i went a little crazy on ffound this morning and scavenged a bunch of awkward vintage photos that people had posted. the imagination runs wild with the original intent behind these beautiful little gems. in no particular order:

say "AGGHHH!!!!!"

i don't think the illustrator for this one put much thought into what would happen to a girl 0.82 seconds later from the moment in time he depicted her seated on a careening snowball.

contrary to what you might think, this is only a bad photo because the photographer forgot to remove the "5575" filing folder from the bottom right of the frame. TOTALLY kills the mood

really?? the guy who's least into it gets to be the engine?? lame...

these people are either:
a) getting their hair did digitally from a PC tower
b) sharing thoughts psycho-kinetically with the help of said towers
 or c) ready to bang 

again, only an unfortunate photo because miss big bow on the right just got nailed in the face by a ball

first off this absolutely HAS to be a shot from one of the most famous 70's gay porns "tahitian hut boys and the 'queen' of england." also, this was the start of conan o'brien's career   

metaphor much?? 

ok, if you're gonna do this, fucking commit and lose the tighty whiteys underneath

theodor geisel's wife


that boy went on to melt hearts after he realized you're supposed to remove the bowl after the haircut

she really makes checking under rocks seem almost effortless

the family that prays together, slays together

and finally, this last one is for YOU fearless readers!! come up with a good caption and post it in the comments section. good luck!

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