New Droid Phone

HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT!!! so i just picked up a fresh pair of the new r2/3po and boba fett shoes from the adi employee store today and in telling luke about it realized there's a new r2d2 edition of verizon's droid coming out tomorrow!!!! WANT IT!!!! i've never hated iphone so much as i do this moment...

Civil War vs. Dinosaurs

HI EVERYONE!! i'm back from the wonderful fantasy land of hawaii!!! i've cut myself off from all technology the past few weeks so this is my first post in awhile. i appologize to all my diehard fans for not giving you the heads up but hey, these things happen and we can all get through this if we stick together.

to start things up again, i have an amazing little gem that my current house guest, lady tarkington of burlington, showed me last night. it's a wonderful little labor of love that's been constructed by all around patriot and lover-of-america, mark cline. in the amazing category of american roadside attractions, i present to you dinosaur kingdom in natural bridge, virginia:


World's Smallest Animation!!

here's a quick little (pun intended) ad for the nokia n8 camera. so cool!!! and ps - it doesn't make sense why it's a nokia ad until the very end, so just enjoy it without trying to figure that one out :)

Bunny Friday Consolation Post

since i was inexcusably tardy on today's bunny friday post, i've found this handy little kitchen gadget to make up for it. it's the rab mixer!! the sad part tho: it's just a concept at this point in time :(

BUNNY FRIDAY!! (even tho it's almost the end of the day...)

holy crap!! i've been so busy today, i almost didn't get around to bunny friday!! it looks like (for lack of a better segue) i was "asleep at the wheel" on that one, much like this bun!!


"Hello?? You'll have to speak up... My phone's not quite big enough."

Dance With Voices

here's another fun tumblr that's full of artsy flickr photos and random captioned pics. link is below!

dance with voices

My Parents Were Awesome

here's a really fun tumblr where people post pics of their parents during their glory days. to quote the site:

"before the fanny packs and andrea bocelli concerts, your parents (and grandparents) were once free-wheeling, fashion-forward, and super awesome."

the pics run through the decades from retro to vintage to historic. check it out!




More Puppyness

sooooo, let's just make today's theme "puppies" shall we??

Puppy Lullabye

ok, i absolutely cannot handle this video. if you haven't seen it before be prepared and grab a mop and bucket because your brain will literally melt. 


Happy Birthday Anthony Russo - Google Images

so as a "let's just see what happens" moment this morning, i decided to type the phrase "happy birthday anthony russo" into google and see what the image results were. i shit you not, this was one of the first ones...

yeah... apparently, the google is now sentient.

the other results ranged from baby ferrets in birthday hats, an R2D2 cake, 30 pounds of weed, and ronald reagan. oh internets...

hit the jump to see what i'm talking about.

Bunny Not-Friday!!

couldn't resist posting this one from tris ;) HE'S WEARING A HAT!!!!!!

It's My Birfday!!


Stuff No One Told Me

fun little blog with a bunch of illustrated posts by alex noriega. link is below!


Bunny Friday!!

for today's bunny friday post, all i have to say is: i shit you not, this photo exists in the world.


Internet Memes!!

i've never really been that into the internet memes culture but was on a site today and i think i finally broke down and found some of them funny. check out the rest of the post for some of the ones that made the internet troll in me chuckle.


Mother Knows Best

True Definition of Pi

Ghostbusters vs. Jesus

and while we're talking ghostbusters...

Lego Ghostbusters

awhile back i found a fan made futurama lego set and i've recently discovered a similar ghostbusters creation. HOTT.

Rainy Day

it's my last day of staycationing and it's rainy so i figured this was rather appropriate :)


Someone Buy Me an Otter

thanks to the daily what for this one



switching it up a bit with a variation on bunny fridays :)

Cigarettes PSA


vintage living!!


Touching Strangers

found this on boooom today and i'm completely obsessed with it. photographer richard renaldi has created a series of pictures portraying total strangers coming together in the same shot but with the stipulation that they must be touching in some way. the concept is brilliant and the imagery runs the gamut from funny to awkward to... well... touching (no pun intended). there's some highlights/selects after the jump but i HIGHLY suggest you simply go right on over to his portfolio and check out the entire series.

Richard Renaldi - Touching Strangers

Spider-Can, Spider-Can

does whatever... umm... a spider can