Jabba the Slut

yeah that's right... i said it.


twilight eclipse comes out today starring squinty the alpaca llama!!


No Joke...

this girl will kick. your. ass. period.


vader poppin wheelies bitches!! well, about to pop wheelies anyways...

Mega Man Hoodie

this is a custom, fan-made hoodie by brendon phillips off of deviantart. he needs to make and sell this shit. the best part about this is one of the online comments he got. it said "brendon phillips must hate money."

Dapper Droid... And Friends

3PO never looked so dandy!! if lucas had designed him this way, no one would have made fun of him for acting like such a homo. boba and chewie after the jump...

Geeked Out Posts!!

the theme for today's posts is "super geeked out." let's get things off to a geektacular start with this awesome hideous sweater vest!! that guy is OWNING that thing. hit the jump for the design on the back.


Rare Photos of Famous People

check out this link. there's over 120 rare vintage photos of famous people. the cast of characters runs the gamut from yoko ono, andy warhol and john lennon in the pic above, to marilyn monroe, charles manson, bonnie & clyde and beyond. infant hitler even (eerily) makes an appearance.

Flowers Finally Get What They Deserve...

Toy Story 3: If Something Goes Wrong, The Toys Don't Eat The Tourists

going to check this movie out later today. check out the freakin sweet t-shirt the movie's production team got! WANT ONE!!


tgif friends!! today's bunny friday post is of bunnies reading!! look at how adorable they are staring at those pages and computer screens. knowledge is power buns!!


I Would Totally Buy This...

this is such a great idea!! i seriously think about how great a product like this would be everytime i dry off. because i am a germ-aphobe. and crazy.

Epic Hot Dog Fail

really.......???? not a single person involved in the concept, design, and construction of this hot dog stand noticed this........??? bonus "stuff coming out of butts" pic after the jump!

Freakin' Sweet Sneaks!!

here's some super sweet custom hand painted nerdcore sneaks by artist daniel reese. head on over to his website and feel free to commission him to fulfill your wildest, nerdiest footwear dreams. a bunch more after the jump. LOVE the woody sneakers!! and the twitter one is actually kinda pretty.


Make Your Mac Even More Hipster!!

i'm 110% certain i've seen every one of these hairstyles and mustaches around portland at one point or another... within the past hour. and now they've been transformed into removable decals for your mac! purchasable here.

Graffitti That Gives Back

the denizens of nyc have been spotting these helpful little pieces of street art by an anonymous tagger. these fancy little graphics appear at the top of subway station stairs as a helpful way to give travelers their bearings upon returning to street level.

Pretty Death!!

no, for real... what. the. fuck. japan...!?


caricature artists!


En Gardes On Grannies

umm, do they really need to partake in an activity in which the participants are known to utter the phrase "prepare to die"?? regardless, these bitches will CUT you. more sword wielding geriatrics after the jump.

Ke$ha vs. Star Trek

some of you might have seen the simpsons opening credits that were reanimated to ke$ha's tik tok this past season. apparently, people just can't get enough of using this for a soundtrack. all credit goes to rob for finding this one.


Meat Rainbow!!

Family Guy Voiceover Fun!!

SUPER fun to watch all the different voices come out of the same person!! but also kinda creepy.

Friday = Bunny

omg he's so sleepy!! you could just crush him in the palm of your hands and make all his blood and guts ooze out and fester!! SO CUTE.


Milla Jovovich is Pretty

ok, i know this is so random but i was browsing through some artsy photography of celebs and when i got to this one i had to take a moment because she really is just so smokin hott.

Random Simpsons Parody

does anyone know what episode this was actually from?? was it the be sharps episode??

I Am Sorry, Daddy

wonderfully macabre illustration entitled "i am sorry, daddy" by mayann licudine.


you know you want one. attractive, socially normal girl not included.


Vintage Space Invaders

i think this was done by a designer by the name of ryan snieder. another one after the jump.

History Of Art

Too Cool For School

 here's a late 80's/early 90's definition of "funky." make sure you click on the image to enlarge it and read all the glorious text. just two things i feel as though i need to mention: 1) does he have a five o'clock shadow?? how can you be 9 years old and sport facial hair?? the only answer would be an over abundance of testosterone and i can PROMISE you this boy in no way needs to worry about that problem... and 2) GAY!


this paper cut-out illustration


Dancing Alone To Pony

i stumbled upon this the other day and then had a friend randomly send me the link to the site a few days later. i've taken it as a sign that this site must be shared. click to experience the video tumblr site that is people dancing alone to pony.

Happy Acorn

 i came across these illustrations from flickr user ***remember victoriosa***'s photostream. so cute! they seem like the pitch for a story about a happy acorn who was walking through the woods, found an "awesome ray of sun" and transformed into an "ultra happy tree." you can see the set after the jump.


Disney's Rapunzel... err, "Tangled"

"seriously, babe, just cut it. 
the cat's been missing for a week now and your hair's been meowing ever since."

disney has released stills for its newest animated movie "tangled" (formerly "rapunzel") to be released later this year. and seeing as pixar is doing nothing but sequels (yawwn) for the next two years (toy story 3 and... try not to vomit... cars 2 featuring even more of the most hilarious, sidesplitting, not at all unfunny comedian that has ever lived, larry the cable guy) it looks like we'll have to look to disney for something brand spankin' new.

*spanking implements vary by region and fairy tale universe

it's also a return to fairy tales for disney, but not a return to traditional animation. SO SAD. what's kind of annoying is that they invented this new super-complicated-techno-babble-blah-blah-something-or-other program to animate the characters to make them seem more hand drawn even though it's computer animated... ummmmmmmmmmm, why don't they just make it a traditional hand drawn movie and pay more than $1.83 and a used condom for a decent story/script?? it's not that people hate hand drawn movies disney... they just hate shitty movies.


old colorful building cross-sections!


this pic!!

and what do you do with all the tape you've just taken out of your vhs case?? make a wreath, duh...

Things That Look Like Faces

not sure why but i've been obsessed with the concept lately and have been playing this game with myself whilst out and about in the world so i figured i'd post a couple of websites that cater to this very subject matter. you can either check out "faces in places" or "happy chair is happy chair" for a full dose, or just hit the jump below for a small smammering of these fun faces in unexpected places.

Sleeveface: Be The Vinyl

i saw this book this weekend for the first time ever and didn't realize it was one of those tumblr/blog-websites-turned-comedy-books in the vein of "stuff white people like" or "hot chicks with douchebags." anyways, thought the concept is insanely clever and the results highly addictive visually. hit the jump to check out a few more or head on over to the website to just go crazy (website is here btw).

And We're Back!!!

holy negligent blogging batman!! i've been driving all around new england the past few days and unfortunately jesus and his dino pals have suffered. sorry guys. please accept this bunny (which should have appeared on bunny friday) as a consolation gift.


Med School Weekend!

and so starts my new england med school tour this weekend, culminating in my brother's graduation. they grow up so fast... and jaded... i've been studying some medical practicals diagnosisesisisises myself, although i'm starting off easy with the below image. diagnosis: Arthritis. wait... AIDS. actually, not sure. i always get the two confused...

I think he's teething...


Robot Unicorn Attack!

thanks to craig for putting me on to this one from adult swim. it's everything you'd ever hoped for in a flash based internet video game. unicorns! rainbows! robots! CARNAGE!!! click here to play.

OMFG!!! iPHONE 4!!!

it's another generation and another redesign! now, i don't own an iphone and i know there's a culture of technophiles larger than job's ego that could easily have me found and killed but if i hear one more person talk about the new technogasm so help me god... i created this new iphone ad in response.


matryoshka murder!

Last Suppers

i know this is like, "so last year" but i was talking with some friends the other day who had never heard of this series and figured, well shit, there's gotta be others out there just like them. that said, below is a series of photographs taken by british photgrapher/designer james reynolds entitled "last suppers." basically, reynolds researched last meal requests from former death row inmates and arranged his own compositions to document them. more after the jump.



Shut. The. F***. Up.

my mind can't comprehend the level of cuteness that's going on here. the kitty is in a piggy suit?? shut UP!!

Live-Action PacMan... Now In Japanese!!

oh yes, it's true. they even made the costumes so that the ghosts turn blue when he steps on a power pellet. although the mind boggles at the logistics behind making sure everyone is walking around at the same speed because you know you'd start haulin' ass if you were playing and about to lose.



this compassionate stormtrooper!