Civil War vs. Dinosaurs

HI EVERYONE!! i'm back from the wonderful fantasy land of hawaii!!! i've cut myself off from all technology the past few weeks so this is my first post in awhile. i appologize to all my diehard fans for not giving you the heads up but hey, these things happen and we can all get through this if we stick together.

to start things up again, i have an amazing little gem that my current house guest, lady tarkington of burlington, showed me last night. it's a wonderful little labor of love that's been constructed by all around patriot and lover-of-america, mark cline. in the amazing category of american roadside attractions, i present to you dinosaur kingdom in natural bridge, virginia:

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  1. kate and i have been trying to plan a visit for-ev-er. i should have made a trip this summer... it's only 3 hours away