Back in Action!! to the EXTREME!!!!!

HELLOOOOOO MY LONG LOST LOVES!!!!!! where have i been?!?!?! why have i snuck out on you in the middle of the night without so much as a note or at least a single rose to prove to you it meant something?!?! well, my darlings, all of my traveling has made my blogging utterly sub par and i hang my head low and ashamed. at first i was in hawaii, then off to germany, on to amsterdam, and finally the oregon coast. i'm exhausted and unfortunately all of that on-the-go has prevented me from keeping in touch with all of you... 

oh who am i kidding... i cannot lie to you!!! following coffeeshop extreme in amsterdam, it was all over for me... i forgot who i was after having woken up in the red light district only to realize i owed a very large black woman named Doortje a sizeable sum of money... ahh, the humiliation... also, i was pantless. 

but fear not!! i'm alive and well and back in action and ready to blog the shit out of this thing... to the EXTREME!!!

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