Just Be Ugly For Us...

"haha, omg, i'm so beautiful!! my life is perfect!!! lolz!!!!1111"

granted this is totally random that i'm posting this today but what about this blog isn't my lovelies?? the matter of this subject has been gnawing at me ever since i used ole' blakey-boy blue eyes up there to reference how i want my hair to look (and yes, he does have blue eyes because god hates us all just that much more). for those who don't know, the above is of course a picture of toms shoes tycoon blake mycoskie and he is pretty much better than you in every aspect of life imaginable from aforementioned perfect hair to literally changing the world one shoe at a time. now, i have no problem with what he does for a living or his philanthropic ways or his comfy little shoes that i totally own. what i have a problem with, my lovelies, is the fact that he's just too damn pretty to boot. and i refuse to use the word "hott" as it would only make him stronger.

"i totes just adopted like 23 kids this afternoon because i can!! omfg zo cuute xOxo!!111"

how is it at all fair that this guy comes up with one of the most innovative and goodwilled business plans in recent history for the shoe industry and becomes wildly successful because of it AND gets to look like apollo the grecian god of light?!?! if he really cared about humanity... and i mean REALLY cared... he'd totally stop bathing, get a really shitty haircut, grow a unibrow, lose a front tooth or two and maybe staple a dead animal paw to his left eye. then, THEN, could we truly appreciate what he's done for us and the rest of the world. OR he could hire me on as a new designer. either option really.

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