the real cast of archer

saw this awhile ago (i think vulture originally posted it) and decided it was worth posting today after an archer marathon last night. these are the real life character models for everyone's favorite narcissists, megalomaniacs, and fetishists from the show. hit the jump for the entire cast. 

model name: Jason Fitzgerald
occupation: profesh photog and former hott model

model name: Kathleen Cohen
occupation: atlanta actress

model name: Kynyetta Lester
occupation: wing slinger

model name: Siobhan Price
occupation: writer/producer for cartoon network

model name: Stuart Fierman
occupation: director of operations for a restaurant group

model name: Candi McElhannon
occupation: antiques dealer

model name: Lucky Yates
occupation: Krieger's voice

model name: Ben Brieger
occupation: medical doctor

model name: Neal Holman
occupation: the show's art director/producer

model name: Bryan Fordney
occupation: the show's animation director/producer

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