it's been a busy bunny friday today so posting is happening a bit late. poor neglected buns. i promise i'll never do it again. until the next time i'm really busy.

today is buns who are also busy with their daily obligations. i like the above pic of shopping bun because it seems as though for every item he puts in the basket, he leaves a little love trailing behind.

i wish i could shit produce aisle of the grocery store.

more like GROSS-ery store, amirite?!

hit the jump for a day in the life of buns

this bun is getting dressed for the day. nothing like a fierce outfit to let the world know you mean business. 

this little guy lives in downtown portland and is getting ready for the morning commute. look how excited he is about all the gas money he's saving today!!

bath time is always more fun with a friend. it may not look it, but this bun is stoked to have some company in the tub.

i go back and forth on enjoying the act of cooking and wanting someone to cook for me. although i've never gotten THIS confused and accidentally put myself on the stove instead of the food.

i'm not much into water sports (but i'll try anything at least once). this little guy is getting certified for his new career as part of a diving salvage crew.

taking the time to exercise everyday is essential for a healthy and happy life. hitting the gym should be fun and invigorating. just remember to lift with the legs bun!

and of course, after a busy day of activity, the only logical thing to do is to pass out for a good night's sleep. although try to make it to a bed (unless you're super hammered like these little guys).

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