Raging River Carnage of Death Destructioning!!!!

it was only obvious what my post for today should be considering the events of the recent long weekend... for those who didn't hear, me and three friends were left stranded in the mountains near hood sunday night because of a raging river of death that flooded and washed away the only road leading to our cabin and the rest of civilization. and when i say "washed away" i mean totally and completely fucking fucked the fuck up obliterated the road to nothing. well no, correction; that's a lie. obliterated and then converted the road to a river seeing as the original river, who decided to be even more of a prick than he already was, decided to flow an entirely new course right where the road used to be. all this happened sunday night at which point we found out we would have to wait until morning so that we could hike through the woods around the new river and then the remaining 2 miles into town. PS - the pic above is where the road used to be so yeah, it's not really a matter of just some simple "flooding." more pics and story after the jump. most photos are courtesy of michael mcmanus as he was the one that we were forcing to continually take out his camera and take pics :) 

but yeah, highlights of this journey were: 

-abandoning our cars not knowing how long it will be before we can get them back because, well, you'll see why... 
-losing all electricity the night before and only having enough food for one more meal (and only bananas left over in the morning for breakfast)
-pouring rain prohibiting a fire to be started that night of the flood
-doing the 2 mile hike in the rain with 2 dogs and all of our personal items that were too valuable to abandon including my mother fucking laptop
-no cell service until we hit the bottom of the mountain
-me thinking i had to be to work that morning not realizing i had mlk day off until i finally got ahold of my boss


this is what we first saw when we finally got down to the point in the road that was taken out by the river. i remember the words "fuck" and "holy fucking fuck" came to mind upon first viewing this. 

the dude standing on the right there was at that point thinking, "hmm, you know, i think they may have a point: i don't think my civic can cross this."

the road literally just stopped and was ripped apart by the river's new course.

this pic, along with the next two, were taking once we hiked off to the right side of the new river bank into the woods. what you're looking at used to be road and personal property.

after walking around and through the woods we popped back out onto the road. err rather, "road." we had to hike about a quarter mile on this terrain which was the aftermath of what had flooded and not washed entirely away.

there were a bunch of houses that now have river front property, this being one of them. a tree even battle rammed itself through the bottom left hand side of the foundation (you can see about half the hole if you look closely). we also saw a house that had new "cliff front" property above the raging river, complete with "freestyle" hot tub dangling 15 feet below the house on the side of the cliff. 

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  1. Welcome to the Mt. Hood National Scenic Byway –Oregon’s newest Scenic Byway, where once volcanoes spewed and mammoth floods scoured deep gorges. Discover exquisite geologic wonders, waterfalls, TEMPERATE RAIN FORESTS AND WILD RIVERS, where natural flora and fauna thrive.
    Did you know this before you decided to go up there?!
    I'm so glad you are safe!