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i came across this image the other day at work while doing research and despite all the absurd and questionable editorial fashion i expose myself to on a daily basis, this image in particular just really made me giggle. there's SO much stuff out there in the world of fashion that can give rise to an eyebrow or two but this outfit, in all it's pared down sheer simplicity (pun intended), i found to be magnificently absurd. in case you haven't realized it yet, the above is a shirt that evokes a particular form of the female figure which is fancy talk for makes men look like they have titties. you know those shirts you can by on the boardwalk of any shore town, usa with the drawing of the bikini clad lady torso and when you put it on, your head becomes the head for the torso and it looks like you're a scantily clad cartoon bikini lady?? yeah, there's really no difference between that and the above EXCEPT for the notable exception that booby tee up there probably costs $827 more than the $4.99 you'd drop for cartoon bikini lady (but hey, at least both forms of shop keeper would most likely be equally as surly towards you, so there's that...). i dove a little deeper into the "trend" that homeboy up there exemplifies and found the following images that i figured i should also share. enjoy the carnival or fine art or whatever they call it.

 i'm starting off with what is easily the least absurd of all the images i stumbled across, but there's just something about this stoic soulless plexiglass android fembot that makes me want to keep an extra light on when i go to bed tonight...

oh fuck, who am i kidding?! it's nude colored dresses that make me want to keep an extra light on when i go to bed...

this image is
A) erotic
B) impossible

answer: neither. it's boring. that's how i eat my cereal. NEXT.

 ok, this one SCREAMS student project. and, OH, what's that?! IT IS!!! it's pretty debatable as to whether or not editorial pieces like this are intended to be submissions for the "next big thing" but in the event this look ever catches on, i will personally apologize to the sofa i'm currently sitting (and farting) on and make sure it receives an asian of it's own.

 right. umm, you're doing it wrong...?

  and lastly, this exploration of textiles and form. oh, and nightmares.

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