Things in Denver: Part 4

this last post is more of a photo essay as it chronicles one of the more awesome things i've done in recent memory. i of course refer to our visit to the colorado mills shopping center which contained within it's walls one of the most amazing gems this side of the mississippi: a lego outlet store. painted a daring shade of hardboiled egg yellow, the store was sparsely decorated and amateurishly merchandised. but that didn't stop us from seeking it out and dropping over $100. hit the jump for the adventure.

upon entering the mall this was the first bit of signage we came up against. for those you too jaded to realize the awesomeness of what you're seeing here, allow me to point out that in order to get to the lego outlet store of magic, we had to enter coca-cola's coolville. fucking COOLVILLE PEOPLE!!!!! DO YOU GET IT?!?!?!?! cool because it was snow themed AND because coca-cola knows how awesome or "cool" they are. fucking GENIUS!!!

we then passed a "K-D Toy Outlet" not to be confused with the nationwide recently bankrupt chain "K-B Toy Outlet." and what do we see in the window?? a suffocating ernie doll!! either that or a PSA to parents as to why plastic bags are not, in fact, toys for infants and small children.

no your eyes are not deceiving you because yes that IS in fact a fother mucking train freestyling in the hallways of the mall. no tracks needed for this badass and no, blur lines were not added to this photo. that's 100% speed baby.

FINALLY we made it to the store despite distractions and awesomeness around every corner. and note: the color of the walls in that pic is literally the colors of the walls within the store. think about that...

this was pretty much the most amazing lego set i've ever seen because not only was it harry potter and the entire hogwart's express train but it also included a FREAKIN CLOAK OF INVISIBILITY!!!! holy shit lego... just when we thought you couldn't outdo yourself...

we eventually made it out of the store but not without me dropping $60 on the harry potter weasley's burrough playset. the pic above captures all of the confusion, uncertainty and uneasiness with what had just transpired.

and finally, not to be outdone by any of you bunny slope posers, here is luke and stephanie going in for the kill with their newly acquired blind packaged lego figurines. stephanie got an ornery old fisherman and luke got an interdimensional insecto-android. excellent job guys. excellent job.

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