One Night Stand

i was on danish blog site diskursdisko and it was the second time i've seen this video posted somewhere. i can take a hint so now i'm sharing :)

One Night Stand from Jack Tew on Vimeo.





here's two fun tumblr sites called "fuckyeahprettyboyz" and "fuckyeahprettygirlz." the names sorta say it all.


How To Be Alone

beautiful video and absolutely brilliant poem by filmmaker, Andrea Dorfman, and poet/singer/songwriter, Tanya Davis.



bobby chiu and imaginism studios!! i believe this powerhouse also helped out in the character design for the recent tim burton/disney alice in wonderland. SO FUN and tons more after the jump!! and don't forget to click on images to make them loads bigger.

No More Boring Barcodes

came across these cool barcode designs the other day from japanese firm D-Barcode. really clever. a bunch more after the jump.

Bunny Friday!!

today's bunny friday post was inspired by the daily bunny's aug 20th post... bunnies sticking their tongues out!!! in no particular order, here they all are, ready to say "bleeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhh"


Bored Inc.

crazy cute graphics and products from this LA based mom and daughter business. check 'em out!! also love the one random graphic they did that has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of their stuff aesthetically :P

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On

fantastic video sent to me from gregory.

MARCEL THE SHELL WITH SHOES ON from Dean Fleischer-Camp on Vimeo.



i sent this tumblr around work the other day and am just obsessed with basically everything it represents. basically, it's two designers who have, for the past few months, been conceiving and executing one new idea every day. no real "theme" to what they're doing aside from inventive diy stuff... they're just sort of doing. i say i am obsessed because their simple ideas and executions are, in a word, genius given their ability to crank out something new and innovative daily. people like this are, without a doubt, ultimate role models for me!! follow the link below to check out all their stuff!!


INSA discovery

i am admittedly never really read up on my juxtapoz and as a result the world of graffiti artists is hit or miss for me. i say this as a disclaimer to this post. basically, i posted the above right pic a few days ago with my collection of photos taken while in london. whilst perusing some sneaker art today, i came across the image above on the left. i went all tingly when i realized i had unwittingly taken a snapshot of london graffiti scene artist insa!! ca-ra-zy!!


New Star Wars x adidas FW10 Collection!!!

here they are folks!! the new line of adi x star wars shoes due out in a few months!! what's funked up tho is that i work for the damn company and had to find out about all the new designs by scouring blogs. thanks to high snobiety for the pics. check thru to see appearances by (in the following order): boba, han in carbonite, chewie, r2 / 3po, jabba, and super death star university (or something... i don't really get that last one yet).


these paintings by artist Heiko Müeller!

Justin Bieber's Pretty in Pink

Random Funny


Epic Pants

as long as we're on the subject of epic apparel prints, here's a pair of vintage moschino pants covered in life sized cd's. these, unfortunately, get the label of "awesome" for all the wrong reasons.

AMAZING Custom "Dino Waltz" Vans

this is pretty much the most amazing print that's ever graced an article of footwear, ever. did you know back in the day, you could go to the vans factory outlet store and get custom shoes made with your graphics and materials?!?! SHIT why doesn't someone start doing that again?!?!?! close up of this marvelous "dino waltz" print after the jump.

Questionable Batman & Robin Banter

found these today. just once again proving what we all already knew...

Religulous Humor

found these pics today and thought they were just really funny. the madonna grilled cheese above is like, so insanely clever. read on for two more.

Bunny Friday!!

here's something a little different for bunny friday this week. enjoy!!


Nom Nom Nom Packaging

awesome new pacackaging employed by baked goods company fazer vilpuri. created by finland based firm hansan & partners. two more packages after the jump.

World's Largest Cat

super funny illustration i found but for the life of me couldn't track down the artist.

Best In Show

found this one on a friend's fb wall. glorious.


i've got a ton of pics i've been holding on to from a few weeks ago that i never got a chance to post so figured i'd put some up today. no time like the present!!


Wait, For Real??

ok, this guys does the IMPOSSIBLE. he makes tall, skinny gingers who play with yo-yo's look cool. kudos, my friend. kudos.


Educational Transformers?!

bandai is making these super sweet toys targeted at elementary kids. they transform between their japanese kanji character/ideogram and what they actually represent. above, 馬 = horse. genius.

Better Ask Juuuuust In Case...

Fantastic Furry Monsters

how awesome are these paintings from artist lisa evans?! jump to see the rest!


All My Friends Are Dead

here's a super cute book by avery monsen and jory john that deals with death in witty ironic little ways. can be purchased here or at amazon. hit the jump for a bunch of pages from the inside.


Colorful London

was going thru pictures this weekend and figured i'd share this set from awhile back. they are pics i took while in london of all things metaphorically and/or literally colorful (something i felt appropriate for such a grey city). enjoy!!


Scissor Sisters - Any Which Way

this brand new video from the scissor sisters is awesome for three reasons: 1) the art direction 2) the song and 3) jake shears is ridiculously bloody hott in it. *swoon* thanks to jason for sending it around!!

Bunny Friday: Added Bonus!!

found this pic today of all days!!!! wasn't even looking for it!!!! CRAZY!!!!!! the bunnies know...

Bunny Friday Returns!!

bunny friday is back!! today's buns are the perfect accompaniment to any afternoon tea. or rather, they are the tea!! HAR HAR HAR!! i even found a video of a bunny doing his best rendition of a bunny in a cup.for no particular reason, here's a small smammering of bunnies in cups!!


Brain Slug!!

how awesome is this?!?! it's the "alien attack salt & pepper" shaker. can be purchase from plasticland.

related futurama quote: "poor little fella. he died of starvation." as stated by professor farnsworth of fry's brain slug.


here's another blog turned book/book turned blog site i came across today that i've never heard of. pretty hilarious. it's basically just loads of etsy/diy projects that have either gone horribly wrong or simply deserve a "wtf?" the cinnabon earrings with "frosting" are truly epic. blog url below.



Love Love LOVE!!!!

this is a spinoff post of the previous "japan style" post. 100% credit goes to katie becker for the pics. apparently, these kids were auditioning for something hence their PHENOMENAL outfits. this is like, one of my most favoritest "LOVE" posts thus far!!! it's like they all called eachother up and made sure to wear the same color palette too. jump to see what i'm talking about and check out the girl at the end (my personal fave)!!


Not Accustomed...

let's be frank: different cultures are wierd because they aren't american. in america, we do things correctly, the way god intended (ex. we don't allow the gays to wed and we can make our burgers inedibley greasy and priced at 99¢ or below). that said, here's a quick snapshot of how other cultures scare me (particularly, japanese and vietnamese) because they are foriegn and operate differently than our's. i mean, wtf, a fucking lime in an ashtray?!?! for god's sake!! you can't put that in your drink now!! commie bastards... read on if you think you can stomach it:

I'm Just Not Accustomed To And/Or Don't Understand...

Japan Style: Summer 2010

ok, some i'm not the sartorialist, nor am i ever going to try/pretend to be. reason being: i suck at taking "people on the street" pics b/c i'm either A) too late in getting my camera out in time or B) too awkward to walk up to someone and just ask to take his/her pic. sooooo, i end up coming away with a bunch of amateur candid street shots. however, this won't stop me from sharing :) hit the jump for a small sampling of who i came across.*

*the picture that headlines this post was not actually a person, but a mannequin outside one of the boutiques in harajuku. sorry for the potential confusion.


Japantastic Kawaii Super Cute Fun Make Happy!!!

ok, this post was an ongoing "project" of mine the entire time i was in japan/vietnam. basically, i was on the lookout for anything that fell into the category of super cute asian-tastic characters. this project also came with a theory/hypothesis i set out to prove -

Theory: would america be way fucking cooler if we were bombarded by adorableness from everywhere?

Conclusion: yes. and to put it quantitatively: impossibly more fucking cooler.

Read on!!

Living in Fant-Asia!!

HI EVERYONE!!!!! I'M BAAAAAAAACK!!!!! got into town friday and i'm pleased to announce daily posts are starting up again NOW!!! and it's all thanks to Mr. Squishy-Faced-Japanese-Billboard-Man-Who's-Ad-Campaign-I-Completely-Didn't-Understand-But-Took-A-Picture-Anyway!!